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All artwork designs and Poem Copyright 1987-2005, Daugherty Studio, Inc.
The mark Popcorn Bowl on the chamber pot is a registered Trademark of Daugherty

In yesteryear,
in days of old,
When nighttime visits
were very cold,
I became a necessity
under the bed, and
I still remember each
word that was said.
Today, changing times
have taken their toll,
Now, I've become
a “Popcorn Bowl.”©

— Bo Daugherty


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Enamelware popcorn bowl, enamelware mugs, enamelware spoons, hand painted wedding plates, handpainted anniversary plates, hand painted baby plates, handpainted birthday plates.

This IS the home of the original Chamber Pot
Enamelware Popcorn Bowl
and home of the
Enamelware Popcorn Pot
. We also have
enamelware mugs (coffee mugs, child mugs,
votive candle mug holders, etc), enamelware spoons,
enamelware chip bowls and enamelware casserole bowls.

We have:
hand painted wedding plates
hand painted anniversary plates
hand painted birthday plates
hand painted baby plates